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35 Contact Hour PMP® Exam Course (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition).

Great for self-study of the exam syllabus. Certificate awarded at course completion. Upon subscribing for the course, you will be registered on our learning management system.

PMP®Exam Power Review 16 Hour Bootcamp (Very Rapid Review)

Can you cover ALL ITTOs in 6 HOURS? Think about it! The exam syllabus has A LOT of information.This solution will sensitize you to the PM dogma and all ITTOs in 16 hours!

Instant Download: Project Management Audio Digest 18 Hour PMP® Exam Study

This is a monthly subscription course to speedily grasp the core concepts of the PMBOK® Guide SIxth Edition for either your CAPM or PMP Exam. Easy-to-grasp breakdown.



PMP® Exam LIVE Weekend Bootcamp (PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition). FEB 9TH

This is the perfect online LIVE bootcamp for anyone who learns best with a live traininer coming alongside them as they study the concepts. Live discussions and interactions are a large piece or this curriculum.

FORMULAMANIA 9 Hours On-Demand

Can you cover ALL PMP Exam formulas in 9 HOURS? Think about it! The exam syllabus has A significant formula-related information.This solution will sensitize you to the formula dogma in 9 hours and point you in the right direction.

Instant Download: PMP® Exam Mindset, Habits and Attitudes.

An inspirational guide towards getting PMP certified with helpful tips and tricks concerning how to study and how to be in the right mindset towards success on the PMP Exam. Success motivation on audio!


Risk Management for Professionals and PMI-RMP® Exam Students (With Dr. David Hillson).

Great for self-study of the exam syllabus. Certificate awarded at course completion. Upon subscribing for the course, you will be registered on our learning management system.

Project Management Night School for Beginners

A great entry level course for those seeking to know how to break into project management and be gainfully employed project managers. Gain new knowledge about the standard for managing projects.

3 SolidPMP®4 Hour Mock Exams

The first time takers usually average between 40 – 60% on the marathon mock exam. It will expose several knowledge gaps and help you better focus on your weak areas to avoid any suprises on the real exam.


14 Days toPMP®Exam Fitness

A 14-day curriculum to further inspire and guide students who have completed a 35 hour bootcamp. This helps getting a schedule together to cover the content in 14 days. There is a final review of process groups at the end of the curriculum.

Agile Project Management Basics

A great entry level course for those seeking to know what exactly Agile is and how to use it to manage their projects. Join our Agile expert on this two part journey to learn more about the flavors of Agile using simple concepts and ideas.

PMP®Exam Cramlist

Would you like to find yourself laughing all the way to the SCORE BANK” on your PMP® or CAPM® Exam? Then get this “cramlist” on your phone and use this as “a reminder to self” to know ALL those definitions…there is a lot of stuff but know this cold!


Key Outputs Review

A short curriculum that covers only the KEY outputs and provides a short test at the end of each key outputs review. It is an effective way of training your mind to recall EVERY major output of the 49 processes. During the review, the tools and technique icons appear listed.

PMP Exam Key Techniques and Outputs E-Book

Great companion to the Key Outputs Review. For the PMP or CAPM exam, it is important to master critical tools, techniques and outputs. This e-book presents a great approach to ITTO recall using icons to give the reader clues while keeping the learning experience intact.

PMP Exam 1-Day Bootcamp

High-level summary where you can cover the entire syllabus before your actual PMP Exam Bootcamp or before an endeavor like an interview, training or something else that requires you be on top of your PMBOK Guide game as a trainer, coach or study group leader.

PMP®Exam Dataflow Alchemy

In 1.5 hours, rapidly cover dataflow relationships from the PMBOK Guide that will help you see the BIG PICTURE needed to ACE the PMP or CAPM Exams. Learn how outputs become inputs to other processes


PMP Exam Outputs Audio Flashcards Test

These audio flash cards are designed to test your knowledge of the 10 knowledge areas and 49 PMBOK processes and their numerous inputs, outputs, tools and techniques of Project Management as described in the PMBOK Sixth Edition.

Life After the PMP Exam Motivational Audio Book

50+ minute audio discussion sharing motivational inspiring and informational material for PMPs and project managers with other relevant certifications. This MP3 offers ideas of possible direction for PMPs on how to proceed in their project management journey.

ITTO Science Audio Flashcards

Over 160 audio definitions and questions broken down by knowledge area which you can play in your car for great drive time study or at home as you relax. The CD set also contains study tips and exam-test taking strategies that will help you focus on a strategy for the PMP exam.

CAPM®Exam Outline Content Review

A 5 hour review of CAPM Exam basics and project management elementary concepts. Curriculum also summarizes the CAPM Exam Content Outline giving an overview of all chapters and sections on which the actual CAPM Exam is based. Strategies and tips for studying are shared.


PM Talking Jazz

PM TALKING JAZZ - A Quirky Story About the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition With ALL Glossary Terms Used in It! This laid-back easy to listen to story uses every word in the PMBOK Guide Glossary. Identify words you don't understand and look them up in the PMBOK Guide. Enjoy the jazz and master the content.

10 Steps to Professional Success

A self-help leadership audio-book for business professionals, young entrepreneurs, high-school leavers and job seekers on how to achieve professional success.


Getting Rich in Project Management

Learn how to overcome the difficulties associated with job searches, interviews and self advancement as a project manager.


Project Failure: 7 Symptoms and Several Remedies

There is an almost uncanny similarity among the reasons that projects fail in any organization, and they come with their own "symptoms." This book details and examines these symptoms and prescribes remedies.





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